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How should I choose a roof?

Two major factors to consider when selecting roofing materials are appearance and longevity. If a roof is highly visible, it has significant impact on the home’s curb appeal. Selecting the appropriate color and style of roofing material becomes even more important. Warranties range from 25 to 50 years, depending on the shingle and the manufacturer. A 25-year warranty is standard. However, if you plan to be in the house for 20 or more years, a 50-year warranty may make your property more attractive when it is time to sell. Lifetime warranties are also available.

How long can I expect a roof to last?

The average life of an asphalt-shingled roof is 18 to 20 years. If the installation is done properly, it is possible to extend that by applying shingles with longer warranties – up to 50 years.

Is there anything I can do to prolong the life of my roof?

It is important to keep gutters free of debris and to clean leaves and other materials from around chimney flashing, vents, and valleys. Keep the roof clear of anything that might work its way under shingles or flashing and cause them to loosen. Trim trees whose branches might scrape or fall on the roof, and keep
an eye on the condition of the roofing material as it ages.

How do I know if I should repair or replace my roof?

The first thing you need to know is the composition and age of your roof. If it is a standard shingle variety approaching 20 years, there is a good possibility it is time for a new roof. If there is no documentation as to the age of the roof, visually inspect the shingles for loss of granules, fracturing, or curling of roof material.

A leak is usually the first indicator that something needs to be fixed. Leaks are not always obvious, nor are they necessarily located directly under the section where the ceiling is dripping. Water seeping in from the roof often travels along rafters and studs to a low point, causing discolored spots on the ceiling and walls some distance from the leak. Sometimes even a musty smell may indicate a roof-related problem.

Signs of moisture appearing in the interior of your home may be due to a variety of reasons. Before making a decision about your roof, have it inspected by a roofing company with a reputation for being professional and trustworthy. A reliable company will inspect the roof, identify any problems, thoroughly explain your options, and disclose all costs before the job begins.

What is a tear-off?

The materials installed on your roof are heavy. Too many roof layers applied over one another can become so weighty that they present a potential structural hazard. If the roof is too weighted down, it can become damaged and collapse.

All communities have code requirements that specify the number of roofing layers (usually two or three maximum) that can be applied consecutively; then, it is necessary to remove all the old roofing materials before installing a new roof.

A tear-off increases the cost of your new roof, but it should not create any additional problems when done correctly by a reputable roofing company. However, it is important to hire a capable company since a sloppy tear-off can damage both your house and yard.

What should I look for in a reputable roofing company?

Homeowners who are searching for a roofing company should ask if the prospective company has permanent employees. Unfortunately, there are “so-called” roofing companies that have no office, employees, or equipment. These “companies” simply respond to inquiries; if their proposal is accepted, they subcontract the actual work. If there is a problem with the roofing materials or the installation, the homeowner may have trouble getting a satisfactory response.

Why is the roofing company’s insurance coverage an important consideration?

If a roofing company is not properly insured, the homeowner or the homeowner’s insurance company becomes liable for personal injury claims and damages to the home. Reputable roofing companies like Ace Roofing carry workers’ compensation for injured workers and adequate levels of liability coverage. This insurance must be renewed annually, so you should be certain to check the dates on any roofing company’s insurance certificates.

Is financing available for your roofing project?

Yes, financing options are available at the customer request.  

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